A Beginners Guide to Google Adwords

Learn "A Beginners Guide to Google Adwords" from babajan. The Mentoring is for 6:00 Hrs available for 10,000.

About Instructor

Digital Marketing Catalyst is a pioneering online digital marketing training institute in Bangalore as we offer an array of digital marketing courses for graduates of various niches and business professionals to assure a better growth in their career life. We are a leading Information Technology Training center who specializes in offering various technological training services and placement services for fresh graduates or other individuals who seek a new perspective or growth in their career. We make sure that we offer enough guidance and support through our digital marketing course programs to help an individual shape and hone his skills in a perfect manner.


Sorry, this course is no longer available as this is a part of the discontinued library segment


  • 6:00 hours of live class
  • 01hr 00min each session
  • Course will be covered in 6 sessions
  • Certificate of Completion

What you get from this Training?

Become proficient in the most powerful online advertising tool that exists today, Google AdWords. With virtually every business online these days, you need to have some advantage over the competition, and usually that advantage is online. In order to give you and your business the best chance of succeeding, This training will help understand how to use AdWords specifically for your needs.

The specific skills you’ll learn in this training include:

  • Creating campaigns, keywords, and AdGroups
  • Conducting competitor research and online advertising
  • Identifying optimal bidding strategies
  • Geo-targeting your customers
  • Budget optimization for both large and small spends
  • How to understand common performance benchmarks
  • How to create a landing page that converts
  • How to track your online advertising efforts
  • And how to avoid all the common mistakes that most people make and that I’ve made myself

Who can attend this training?

This training is suitable for:
  • Small business owners looking to grow their online revenue
  • Individuals looking to break away from their day job
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to build passive income
  • Marketing professionals looking to take their AdWords knowledge to the next level

What are the training Requirements?

All you need is A laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection  and the desire to build a business online.


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