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Navneeta Pandey

7 hours ago

Communication , learning and time maanagement skills

I want to make good relations with my colleagues, mentors. I want to extract as much knowledge as they have. But I hesitate in asking questions anf even if i do i cant form suitable communication.


7 hours ago

Machine learning

I want to learn it


18 hours ago

Increasing Focus duration

I want to increase my focus duration

Yashveer Makhloga

17 hours ago

English speaking confidently

Overcome my fear of speaking


15 hours ago

Public speaking and self confidence

I want to develop a Better and confident personality

priya krishna

15 hours ago

To paint


priya krishna

15 hours ago

arts & crafts

Pencil sketching and easy to do hand crafts


8 hours ago

Data Science

I have 7yrs experience in .NET and later I worked as Consultant and want to reskill myself, do you think Data Science will be a better option.I lost touch of hardcore programming.

Ajay Kumar

15 hours ago

I want help in drafting a business plan for my new project

Need an expert help in drafting business plan for my new web based project which we would launch soon.


12 hours ago

Looking for help in finding right target audience for my product

Hello, I am looking for help from an expert in finding right audience for my web based product. Any established mechanism would really help.

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